What Is The Best All-Around Bike For Anybody

What Is The Best All-Around Bike For Anybody

The best all-around bikes for anyone looking to explore their surroundings are ones that can traverse any type of terrain whether it be paved or off-road, come with a range of speeds and sizes for people of different heights, and maybe even have some sweet accessories like baskets or special racks!

Bikes are amazing machines that allow you to explore your surroundings, get into shape and even save money by not having to buy gas! The best bikes for anyone looking to explore their surroundings are ones that can traverse any type of terrain whether it be paved or off-road, come with a range of speeds and sizes for people of different heights, and maybe even have some sweet accessories like baskets or special racks!

Here are sixteen types I recommend:

#1. The Mountain Bike

Best used off the beaten path. It can handle bumps, rocks, and other debris like branches or twigs since it has wider tires than most all-around bikes. These types of bikes are also commonly referred to as ‘All-Terrain Bikes’ (ATB) because they can traverse just about any terrain, but I prefer the term ‘Mountain Bike’ because it sounds tougher.

#2. The Road Bike (Racing)

Slightly thinner wheels than mountain bikes, these bikes are perfect for paved surfaces like sidewalks or streets. They come with gears that you shift to efficiently use their skinny tires and thin frames. Although this bike is mostly used on paved surfaces, it can handle dirt roads as well.

#3. The Road Bike (Touring)

Slightly thicker wheels than the Racing bike listed above, this type of bike is used mostly on paved surfaces with one or more extended ‘tours’ over unpaved surfaces. All the gears are very handy for hills where you may need to shift down and pedal like your life depended on it.

#4. The Cruiser Bike

Mostly used for leisurely rides around neighborhoods or parks, this type of bike is usually made with thicker tires than the ones mentioned above, comes with a single-speed (and sometimes no gears at all) and several different styles such as ‘Townies’ or ‘Shoppers’. It’s mostly considered a women’s bike (due to its low-riding frame) but men can ride it too.

#5. The Hybrid Bike

These bikes are the Jack of all trades, master of none! They combine the best features from road and mountain bikes so they can handle both paved surfaces and unpaved ones with not too much difficulty. They come with wider tires than all-around bikes (discussed below) and usually feature about 7 gears that you shift on the handlebar.

#6. The Cruiser Bike (with gears)

This type of bike is similar to the Cruiser listed above, but it comes with gears like most all-around bikes (discussed below). It’s usually a women’s bike but it can also be used by men.

#7. The All-Around Bike

This type of bike is considered the jack of all trades, master of none! They come with about 7 gears and handlebar shifters, which is why they’re sometimes called ‘Shoppers’. These bikes are mostly used on paved surfaces like sidewalks or streets, although I’ve seen people use them for light trail riding as well.

#8. The Fixed Gear Bike

A single-speed bike with no freewheel (meaning you can’t coast). You have to keep pedaling all the time or else the pedals will turn and your legs won’t move! As a result, these bikes don’t come with brakes but they make up for it by being super lightweight and easy to fix (no gears means fewer parts that can break!). These types of bikes are usually raced on velodromes or used as basic transportation since you only need to pedal once and then zip off into work like a maniac!

#9. The BMX Bike

Kids love BMX Bikes because they’re smaller than most all-around bikes. They come with about 16″ wheels that are a perfect fit for my 5’3″ sister! The only problem is they have no gears so you either have to pedal fast or get off and push. They also don’t come with handbrakes so if you want to stop, you’ll have to skid on the back tire or lay it down!

#10. The Tandem Bike

Two seats and two sets of pedals mean twice the fun! This type of bike is usually ridden by couples who want to take a leisurely ride into town. It has a special bar in between both seats that acts as a safety latch in case one person loses balance or wants out. Since the front rider steers the bike, rear riders just relax and enjoy the view (or take pictures!).

#11. The Folding Bike

These bikes are perfect for anyone who’s always on the go! They fold up into about 6 pieces that can be carried by hand or packed into a trunk very easily (sometimes even without taking the front wheel off). They come with all sorts of features such as gears and folding locks but their main advantage is portability.

#12. The Bike Trailer

The bicycle trailer is the only all-terrain vehicle created for private use. It comes with 2 seats, an attached canopy that starts at about waist level and goes up to shelter the babies’ heads, a special safety latch in case one person falls out or gets out, and two wheels to go over any type of surface including mud! Plus it’s perfect for carrying groceries too!

#13. The Cargo Tricycle

Three wheels are better than two because they help you ride through loose sand or grass without tipping over or sinking in too much. This type of bike is mostly used by landscapers or people just looking for extra cargo space since you can carry more stuff on it than other bikes. It also has three

#14. The Adult Trike

This type of bike is perfect for the elderly or anyone with legs that aren’t strong enough to keep up with pedals! It has three wheels, adjustable seats, and handles so two people can push without breaking too much of a sweat. Plus it’s great for sightseeing or just strolling around town!

#15. The Unicycle

Using only one tire to stay upright means feeling more in touch with your surroundings, which is why these types of bikes are also used in circus performances!  The various styles allow you to go over any surface including water because they have no gears and no brakes! Instead, they use special foot straps to help riders balance when going from place–place. On a different note, if you want to learn how to ride one it won’t be easy!

#16. The Penny-Farthing

This bicycle was popular back in the late 19th century because it allows riders to sit high up and see far into the distance (I guess!). It has a giant front wheel for easy balance even though it doesn’t pedal or gears. Using a penny-farthing is a great way to get into shape because every time you go over a bump your backside gets squeezed! On a different note, they were disastrous for crashes and have been replaced with modern two-wheeled bikes.

Now that you know all the types of bikes out there, which do you think is the all-around best?

Remember, it has to be good at going on both paved and unpaved roads plus have some sort of basket or rack so it can hold stuff!

You’ll also need to consider how easy it will be to ride: adult trikes and unicycles look like fun but they do not come with pedals and training wheels don’t work for everyone! For me personally, I’d have to go with the bicycle trailer since it has an attached canopy, safety latch and is perfect for carrying kids or groceries. My friend Ben would choose the adult trike because you can just sit back and relax while gliding through traffic! The only problem might be parking once he’s done using it…

So what do you think? What’s the best all-around bike for anybody looking to explore their surroundings?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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