9 Best Selling Women's Road Bikes in 2020: Pros and Cons + Buying Guide

9 Best Selling Women’s Road Bikes in 2020: Pros and Cons + Buying Guide

If you’re looking for a way to get in shape, or just want to burn some calories, road bikes are perfect for you. Not only do they help with your cardiovascular health but also make it easier to maintain a healthy weight. But if you’re wondering which type of bike is best suited for the needs and wants of the rider – then look no further!

We’ve compiled this list of 9 best-selling models that will be sure to fit your needs when deciding which one is right for you.

What Are Road Bikes and What Are the Benefits of Using Them?

Road bikes, as the name implies, are specifically designed to be used on paved surfaces that include asphalt and concrete. Because it’s an all-terrain type of bike, road bikes can handle a variety of terrain types from deserts to mountainous regions.

Road bikes resemble racing bikes but have a few key differences when it comes to frame geometry and wheel size.

The geometry of a road bike is its most important feature and is what differentiates it from other types, such as mountain bikes and hybrid bikes. The wheel size on road bikes typically ranges from 700c to 28” (700c being the most common) and is one of the reasons why road biking is so popular with taller riders who prefer the comfort of these larger wheels.

Of course, there are still some cons that you will need to consider before purchasing a road bike and we cover them in detail below and also offer advice on how to choose between competing models. But first… here’s our list of best-selling Road Bikes 2020!

Top 9 Road Bikes 2020

#1 Trek Women’s Madone 7 Series Road Bike

The Trek Women’s Madone 7 road bike is one of the best-selling models – and it’s because it provides several key features that many other bikes just don’t have. The first feature, adjustable seat position, makes this bike great for women who are still growing and need to extend the seat post to get on the bike. The smooth ride it offers is also helpful for women who are just trying out biking for the first time or want something they can rely on when pushing themselves while riding.

Last but not least, this model comes with some of the best components on the market including Shimano shifters, which make it extremely easy to change gears with a simple flick of your wrist.


Adjustable seat post provides room for growing women

Smooth Pedaling thanks to Shimano shifter components

Perfect for those who want something reliable and user-friendly Cons:

Some mention one gear is lower than the rest but it’s not a big issue

#2 Felt Bicycles 2020 Women’s Z75 Road Bike

Another very popular choice is the Felt Bicycles road bike for women, which provides some pretty interesting amenities. The most unique feature of this model is its Shimano Shifters with Optical Gear Display. This means that you’re able to see exactly what gear you’re in and make necessary adjustments with ease. Additional features include the ability to stay comfortable while biking thanks to its women’s-specific saddle and ergonomic grips and Felt road handlebars.


Shimano Shifters with Optical Gear Display allows for easy shifting

Comfortable thanks to women-specific saddle and ergonomic grips

Can handle tough terrain with ease


More expensive than some other models but it’s worth the price!

#3 Schwinn Women’s Volare 1300 Road Bike

The Schwinn is another popular option when it comes to road bikes. This model allows you to travel at a comfortable speed and makes it easy to handle hills and rough terrain thanks to the lightweight aluminum frame. Women who also like to listen to music when biking will enjoy its simple design that comes with an integrated head tube and front-wheel-mounted audio system.


A lightweight aluminum frame helps you tackle tough terrain

Integrated Head Tube and Front-wheel Mounted Audio system

Comfortable enough for long rides


Some mention the front wheel is slightly wobbly but it’s not a major issue.

#4 Giordano Libero 1.6 Road Bike for Women

This popular model is perfect for simple cruising and comfortable riding, making it one of the best-selling road bikes 2020. The Shimano derailleur system used for this model ensures that shifting gears is easy and smooth, which is particularly helpful for beginners who are just trying to get a hang of things.


Lightweight aluminum frame makes it easy to handle tough terrain

Shimano Derailleur system makes shifting easy and smooth

Great for beginners!


Some mention that it’s hard to mount the pedals at first but you’ll get used to it.

#5 Schwinn Women’s Wayfarer Hybrid Bike

Another option is the Women’s Wayfarer, which comes equipped with features like an aluminum frame and grip shifters that are both stylish and comfortable. The Shimano 21-speed grip shifter makes it easy to adjust speed when needed, which is great for beginners who are just starting. Another feature includes the Schwinn suspension seat post, which helps absorb shock so you can ride for longer periods without feeling fatigued.


Aluminum frame with stylish grip shifters is great for all women

Shimano 21 speed grip shifter makes it easy to adjust speed when needed

Alloy front suspension-fork absorbs shock


Some mention that the tires are not suitable for intense biking but it’s fine if you’re just taking a casual ride.

#6 Vilano Blackjack 2.0 Road Bike

The Vilano is another road bike that comes with the Shimano A070 trigger shifters, which are known for their sleek look and ability to shift gears smoothly. This model weighs only 24 pounds thanks to its aluminum frame, making it easy to carry around when not riding. The wheels are also fastened to further ensure that they don’t wobble when riding.


Sleek Shimano A070 trigger shifters for easy shifting

The aluminum frame is lightweight and easy to carry

Wheels are securely fastened


Some mention that it’s hard to change gears at times but it’s not a major issue.

#7 Tommaso Women’s Calata Women’s Road Bike

The Tommaso is another great choice due to its lightweight aluminum frame, which is durable yet easy for cyclists of all experience levels to handle. The Shimano 21 speed trigger shifters allow you to shift gears quickly and efficiently so you can tackle tough terrain with ease.


A lightweight aluminum frame makes it easy for cyclists of all experience levels to handle

Shimano 21 speed trigger shifters allow you to change gears quickly and efficiently

Great for beginners!


Some mention that the seat is uncomfortable but this is easily solvable with a cushion.

#8 Checker Bicycle Ultra Lightweight Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano Gear Disc Brake

This model comes with the Shimano 21 speed shifters and front and rear disc brakes, which make it great for tackling even tough terrain. The lightweight aluminum frame makes it comfortable to ride as well as easy to lift onto your bike rack for when you’re out and about.


Lightweight aluminum frame makes it comfortable to ride as well as easy to lift onto a bike rack

Shimano 21 speed shifters and front and rear disc brakes make tough terrain manageable


Some mention that the seat is uncomfortable but this can be fixed with a cushion.

#9 Magna Women’s Road Bike

The Magna is great for more experienced riders who are used to changing gears frequently and want something that can handle tough terrain. The Shimano 24 speed trigger shifters allow you to change speeds quickly and efficiently, which many appreciate because of the steep climbs some roads have. This model is also lightweight with a strong aluminum frame, making it perfect for riding long distances.


Lightweight, durable aluminum frame makes it great for long-distance rides

Shimano 24 speed trigger shifters allow you to change gears quickly and efficiently

Perfect for more experienced riders


Some mention that the seat is uncomfortable but this can be solved by purchasing a cushion.

Which Type of Bike Is Right for Me, Based on My Needs and Wants?

Road bikes are perfect for people who want to get into shape while biking on tough terrain. They’re designed with speed in mind, which makes them great for cyclists of all experience levels. People also love road bikes because they’re lightweight, sturdy, and affordable–a surefire way to help you lose weight!

Road bikes come in different shapes, sizes, and price points, but all of them are perfect for novice cyclists or more advanced riders who want to switch them up. Since they’re lightweight, it’s easy to carry them when not riding–which is great for people who commute to work or school. And since road bikes are known for being fast, they can be a great way to burn some extra calories!

Road bikes are the type every cyclist needs in their life! If you want something that will help you lose weight and get in shape, this type of bike is perfect. With their light frame and high speeds, road bikes are fast-paced and fun! It doesn’t matter what your skill level is–road bikes are the way to go if you want to burn some calories or just want an inexpensive ride that’s fun for all ages.

Tips to Find the Perfect Road Bikes for You

#1: Decide if You Want a Road Bike for Leisure or Commuting

When trying to choose the perfect road bike, keep in mind what your needs are. If you’re looking for something easy to ride, then you’ll probably be happy with the lightweight aluminum frame of most road bikes. However, if you need something that can last for long rides or tough terrain, you might want to go with a model that has stronger material like steel.

#2: Consider What You Value Most in A Bike

There are many things to consider when trying to find the perfect road bike for your needs and interests. Think about how often you’ll be riding it and where. Also, think about what qualities are most important to you. For example, do you want something lightweight? Then go with a road bike made from aluminum. But if comfort is more important to you, then consider spending more on a model that has better padding or gel features.

#3: Decide How Much You’re Willing to Spend

Road bikes come in all price points, which means that there’s something for every kind of budget. You can purchase an entry-level model for around $500 or spend more than $1000 on a bike with higher speeds. It all depends on what you want on your road bike!

#4: Find Something That Comes With All the Features You Want

While some people are willing to customize their road bike with upgraded features, some don’t want to go through that hassle. To save money and time, we recommend finding a model that comes with all the bells and whistles you want and need! That way it will be perfect for your biking habits and preferences.

Road bikes are a great way to work on your cardio and lose some weight.

They’re affordable, lightweight, and perfect for people of all experience levels! If you want something fast-paced and will help you get in shape, road bikes may be the type of bike for you. With their durable frame and wide array of price points, they suit most budgets as well as many different biking needs–whether it’s commuting or leisurely long rides.

To find the best one for your fitness routine, keep these tips in mind before making your purchase: think about what kind of riding experience are you seeking? What features do you need? And how much should this cost me? By answering these questions beforehand, we hope to make sure that when looking for your dream road bike, you can find the perfect one for your biking needs.

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