50 things you didn't know about bike-friendly cities destinations & events in texas

50 things you didn’t know about bike-friendly cities destinations & events in texas

Biking is a great way to stay active, solve transportation problems and enjoy the outdoors. No wonder so many mayors are making their cities friendlier for cyclists! Read on to learn about 50 things you didn’t know about bike-friendly cities in texas.

1) Houston has a cycle track that stretches from downtown all the way out to Clear Lake

Houston is a bike-friendly city in Texas where people can cycle from downtown all the way to Clear Lake. It has a great cycle track that will allow you to take a pleasant and scenic route.

The idea of a cycling track is not new in Houston, as there are previous tracks that have been constructed in the city, such as the Montrose Bike Boulevard which stretches from 1st Street to Yale Street. This track runs parallel to Allen Parkway but doesn’t get in the way of vehicle lanes.

As mentioned before, Houston offers one of the best urban cycling routes in texas. The Montrose Bike Boulevard connects five neighborhoods and over 30 miles combined with other bike boulevards and recreational trails. It’s perfect for the more experienced cyclist that wants to stay away from heavy traffic.

But Houston is not just about cycling tracks or boulevards, it also has a great bike-share program run by the city where people can check out bikes at any one of 50 solar-powered stations placed on various spots around town.

2) The Dallas trail network is one of the most extensive in the United States, with over 400 miles

Dallas can easily be described as a cyclist’s paradise. The city has built an extensive trail network that currently amounts to over 400 miles throughout various spots around town. This makes it perfect for biking in all kinds of weather and on different surfaces, whether inner-city or more rural.

The White Rock Lake Trail is one of the longest in Dallas and will allow you to explore some of the city’s nicest areas, including old mansions and the white rock lake itself. Another great bike route is the Katy Trail, which runs through downtown. It stretches for over 50 miles along the Trinity River, with plenty of other trails branching out from it.

3) The first bike-share program in Texas is found in San Antonio

San Antonio has a great bike-share system where 100% of the bikes are maintained by locals who would be happy to answer any questions you might have about your surroundings. If you’re not sure which route to take, they can even plan a route for you based on your level of experience!

The San Antonio B-Cycle is one of the first bike-share programs in texas, running since 2011. So far they have 400 bikes and 38 docking stations spread out around the city center. People can pick up and drop off their bikes at any station located throughout town.

4) Austin has the highest monthly bike ridership in Texas, with more than 2% of people cycling to work daily

Austin is known for being a great place to live and cycle! The city has some of the best cycling infrastructures in texas, including over 180 miles of on-street bikeways, signage for bikes, or a whole network of shared-use paths that allow you to move freely around town.

With a bike ridership rate topping 2% and a total of 75,000 cyclists traversing the city daily, it’s becoming one of the most bike-friendly cities in texas! It helps that there are over 200 days with excellent weather each year, so cycling for transportation isn’t just an option but a necessity during these times.

5) San Marcos is home to the most extensive urban trail network in Texas, with over 65 miles of off-street paths

San Marcos has built an impressive urban trail system that’s perfect for biking or just exploring. It currently consists of more than 65 miles of off-street paths and is becoming one of the most sought out places for cyclists in Texas.

In addition to its vast network of trails, the city is also working on building a large-scale bike share for commuters and residents looking to explore more of their surroundings.

6) The B-Cycle program in El Paso is the first-ever bike-share system planned for a low-income community

El Paso has a bike-share system where you can pick up and drop off bikes at 18 stations located throughout town. The first bike-share program designed specifically for the low-income community, it’s an innovative way to promote cycling as a viable transportation option in El Paso.

The program is funded by various sources including out-of-state fees from cyclists using the trails that cross-city border, as well as community fundraisers and sponsorships.

7) Corpus Christi is home to the first bicycle boulevard in Texas, which allows bikes and motor vehicles to share a roadway

Corpus Christi has some great cycling infrastructure including over 20 miles of off-street paths and its own “Bike Boulevard” located within the city’s entertainment district.

The first-ever bicycle boulevard in texas was designed to calm traffic on this road without reducing access or negatively impacting motorists. It benefits both cyclists and cars by allowing for slower speeds while still maintaining connectivity with other parts of town.

8) Bike safety is a big part of being a cyclist in Texas

In 2013, there were 85 bicycle fatalities across texas. In San Antonio alone, 5 cyclists died after being hit by a car or truck which led to the installation of ghost bikes at accident locations as a reminder for drivers to look out for people biking along the road.

With cyclist fatalities on the rise in Texas, it’s important to stay safe while cycling by obeying traffic laws, wearing a helmet, and staying visible at all times.

9) San Antonio is home to the largest urban park in Texas, which also offers over 20 miles of paths for cyclists

San Antonio has some outstanding cycling infrastructure with over 20 miles of paths for cyclists, as well as over 50 miles of bike lanes and signage throughout the city.

In addition to its vast network of cycling routes, San Antonio is host to several special cycling events each year from the Alamo Bike Race to Ciclovia!

10) Houston’s annual Night Lights ride is one of the top three rides in texas

Houston’s Night Lights ride is a free event held near downtown each year. With over 7,000 participants it’s one of the largest bicycling events in Texas!

Featuring more than 100 food and art vendors, live music & entertainment, and a kid’s village for some family fun along with the massive ride itself, it’s definitely one not to miss.

11) Austin is home to the largest bike-in theater in Texas on an island inside Town Lake

On an island inside Town Lake (Lady Bird Lake), you’ll find Austin’s famous Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. The world’s first movie theater with a full-service restaurant and bar, it’s also home to the largest bike-in theater in Texas!

Cyclists gather their bikes and park them outside of the theater before watching a movie on the screen. When you’re done, simply get back on your bike and go home!

12) Corpus Christi is host to its very own Bike Fest each year

The bi-annual Corpus Christi Bike Fest features a variety of events for cyclists. It kicks off with the Texas Blast Off Weekend, which includes a triathlon and duathlon in addition to group ride options.

Then there’s the 4th Annual Cruise N’ Cargo Bicycle Show, which is full of bicycle-themed games & activities for all ages.

During the festival itself, cyclists can join in on guided tours around town or take part in the Bike Fest’s many races. The main event is an epic 200-mile ride that circles the city over two days!

13) El Paso is home to its own Ciclovia-style event each spring

El Paso’s Downtown Street Festival is a ciclovia-style event held each spring complete with family-friendly activities and live musical entertainment.

Cyclists are invited to ditch the car for the day and enjoy downtown El Paso by bike, which allows cyclists to explore some of the city’s best sights while enjoying an entirely new perspective.

14) Denton is host to its own bike-in movie theater

Denton’s bi-annual Community Expo features a bicycle-in movie at the Silver Fox Outdoor Theatre!

Bring your own lawn chairs and snacks, as well as your bikes. Then settle in for a fun night of movies under the stars!

15) The Houston Bike Plan aims to create a more bike-friendly city

In 2010, Houston adopted a new bicycle master plan that maps out the future of bicycling in Lone Star State’s biggest city. The goal is to have over 200 miles of on-street and off-street routes for cyclists by 2022.

Between 2012 and 2013, Houston added nearly 40 miles of new bikeways and 30 miles of off-street trails to enhance access for riders.

As a result, there have been a lot more cyclists on the road which has led to some 55 percent increase in complaints from drivers.

16) Austin is a gold-level Bicycle Friendly Community

In 2010, Bike Texas launched their Bicycle Friendly Community (BFC) program and in 2011, Austin was given a gold-level award for its efforts to encourage cycling.

Over the last few years, bicycle lanes have increased by nearly 90 percent and bike racks can be found at hundreds of locations around the city!

17) Dallas is one of three American cities with a bike-sharing program

With over 41,000 trips in just one month, B-Cycle’s Dallas bike-sharing program is a great way to get around the big D.

In 2012, it won both the Sustainable Transport Award and “Bike Program of the Year” from Transportation for America.

18) In San Marcos you can use the Old Hwy 80 Bicycle Boulevard

San Marcos is currently working on converting 3 miles of the former highway into a “Bicycle Boulevard”. The project will create a safer route for cyclists by using traffic calming measures to reduce motorist speeds.

The road features several crossings, signage, pavement markings, and landscaping to provide more accessible options for cyclists.

19) In Fort Worth, you can bike the Trinity Trails on new shared use bridges

Currently, there are two new shared-use bicycle and pedestrian bridges that cross over the Trinity River and connect trails on either side.

These bridges provide cyclists with access to some of Fort Worth’s best bike trails, as well as making it easier to ride to the Cultural District and Trinity Park!

20) In San Antonio, you can take part in 130 miles of off-street trails

San Antonio is home to over 130 miles of off-street trails for cyclists.

Some of these routes travel through scenic areas including the San Antonio River and linear greenways like the Mission Reach, San Pedro Creek, and the Leon Creek Greenway.

21) In Austin, you can join a guided tour of local breweries

The Pedal Party is a pedal-powered party bus that hosts tours around town while cyclists listen to live music and enjoy craft beers at three different stops along the way!

Each ride features four draft beers from local breweries, snacks, and a chance to meet fellow cyclists.

22) In Dallas, you can join a guided tour of the arboretum using B-Cycle

For a fun outing in Dallas try a biking tour of the famed arboretum at sunny Allegheny mountain playground resort!

The park features more than 100 miles of trails that are open to cyclists.

Guided tours on the weekends use B-Cycle’s system so riders can enjoy three different loops full of views, wildlife, and fun!

23) There is an official Texas Mountain Bike Trail in Rocksprings

The 13-mile route was developed by mountain bike enthusiasts, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the City of Rocksprings, and Edwards County.

The route traverses scenic vistas and passes behind old abandoned cabins in the area.

24) There is an annual marathon ride in Limestone County

Since 2001, cyclists have been gathering to celebrate cycling every year on the first Saturday in May.

The Limestone County Hotwheelers Bicycle Club hosts a marathon ride for both experienced and novice cyclists so anyone can participate!

25) In Lubbock, you can use the Prairie Dog Town Fork Trail

The trail is about nine miles long with the first half being the most challenging with plenty of hills that will get your heart pumping.

The second half is full of twists and turns that are great for more advanced riders.

26) In Alvin, you can join a tour of the Texas Energy Museum on two wheels

Participants in this guided tour will explore the world of oil on an easy ride along scenic roads with plenty of photo stops along the way.

Riders are encouraged to bring their own bikes, helmets, and locks for the tour.

27) In San Marcos, you can participate in Fiesta on two wheels

Every spring, cyclists from all over Texas attend the annual cycling festival at Texas State University that offers everything from mountain biking to BMX demonstrations.

Events also include a road race and a timed hill climb, as well as clinics and workshops throughout the weekend.

28) In Kingsville, you can marvel at a vast boneyard of historic aircraft

Kingsville is home to the largest military boneyard featuring more than 150 retired U.S. Air Force military planes from all eras of America’s history in combat.

The boneyard is open to the public and cyclers can enjoy a paved path that runs past many of these historic aircraft on their way through town.

29) In El Paso, you can bike with the Hueco Tanks Trail Runners

These guided bike tours not only provide riders with an opportunity to enjoy the Hueco Tanks State Park, but they also share information about the history of this unique area.

Guides are trained in first aid and CPR so you know you’ll be safe on the trails with them!

30) In San Antonio, you can bike four miles along historic cobblestone streets

The historic district is one of the largest urban bike paths in the country with access to beautiful sights like The Alamo!

Many of the cobblestone streets were laid more than 100 years ago and are designated as historic landmarks.

32) There is an annual ride dedicated to helping women get on bikes

The “Ride for A Woman’s Life” in Houston is an annual benefit for the local YMCA’s Bertha Sadler Means Young Women’s Leadership Academy.

Proceeds go to help expand the school’s campus and programs so students can continue their success in academics, career paths, and cycling!

33) San Antonio is home to the nation’s largest urban park

The San Antonio River Improvements Project has transformed a once-struggling area into a beautiful, lush landscape with a breathtaking system of parks and trails.

You can bike along the San Antonio River to truly experience this man-made oasis full of history and culture!

34) In Houston, you can bike through an urban farming experiment

The Houston Food Park is the perfect place to join like-minded riders and eat local food while exploring a unique part of Houston.

The park features different vendors each month, so make sure you check their website for updates!

35) The Pineywoods Community in New Caney is home to one of the largest cycling communities in North America

With more than 1,000 members and four different cycling clubs, Pineywoods Community Cycling is a great place for riders of all experience levels to enjoy some cycling camaraderie.

The organization hosts an annual ride every year on the Sunday before Thanksgiving and everyone is welcome to come out and ride!

36) The Tour de Cypress offers a challenging course for riders of all levels.

The Tour de Cypress is a challenging, but very scenic road race that takes place in the rolling hills outside of Houston every year.

Proceeds from this event benefit Memorial Hermann Life Flight and cyclists can choose to ride the 40-mile route or the 20-mile course if they’d like.

38) In Huntsville, you can ride right next to Sam Houston’s grave!

Huntsville State Park offers beautiful landscape views and plenty of places for cyclists to explore- including the actual resting place of Texas hero Sam Houston.

You’ll also find several historic buildings around the park that are open to exploring as you bike.

39) The Big Dam Bridge in Little Rock is one of the longest bike bridges in North America!

With more than 3,000 feet of easily accessible trails for cyclists and pedestrians alike, this spot is a unique way to connect communities on either side of the Arkansas River.

The Big Dam Bridge offers gorgeous views of the river and the opportunity to see a side of Little Rock that often goes overlooked.

40) In Arlington, you can bike through an old landfill turned park

Not only is this place home to over 25 miles of trails for cyclists, but it also features native plants and animals as well as educational exhibits about recycling and energy conservation.

You can even go on guided tours of the trails by reservation!

41) The state capitol in Austin is one of the most bike-friendly buildings in Texas!

The building has designated areas for cyclists to park their bikes and it’s located right next to a great view of Lady Bird Lake.

42) El Paso was named the most bike-friendly city in Texas last year

The annual Bicycle Friendly Communities Awards were created by The League of American Bicyclists and they recognize communities that offer safe accommodations for people who bike.

El Paso was recognized and commended for its work and dedication to creating a better environment for cyclists!

43) Not only does the city of Laredo have a bike-share program, but they also offer free cycling safety classes as well!

The League of American Bicyclists has recognized Laredo as a Silver-level community, which means they have a great network of trails and other infrastructure to help cyclists navigate.

To be recognized as a bike-friendly city, communities must meet four main criteria: engineering, encouragement, education, and enforcement.

44) Many cyclists visit Hill Country to enjoy some of the best cyclings in Texas!

Whether you’re looking for a challenging climb or a leisurely ride through beautiful scenery, there’s something for you in the Hill Country area.

45) For cyclists who like some quiet time, Pedernales Falls State Park is the place for you

This state park offers a variety of trails and cycling options and also features educational exhibits on geology and wildlife.

You can even take a guided tour of the park if you’re interested in learning more!

46) In San Marcos, you can bike along the river at Sewell Park

The Aquarena Center is located right next to this park and it’s a great destination for recreation in the summer months.

47) Enjoy a pedal through Big Bend National Park on your way from South Texas to North Texas!

For cyclists who want to visit two of the Lone Star State’s most beautiful places in one trip, this road from Lajitas to Marathon is a great choice.

From biking along desert canyons to exploring a deep canyon with a large river at the bottom, this route offers a little bit of everything!

48) In Fort Worth, you can bike along the Trinity Trails

This system of trails and pathways provides cyclists with a safe option for navigating downtown Fort Worth.

There are more than 20 miles of designated biking routes here to help you stay on track as you explore this city!

49) You can bike at the gravesite of Sam Houston!

That’s right: The gravesite of Sam Houston is accessible by bike, making it an easy biking destination for those who are interested in some history.

This legendary Texas figure was the only US President from Texas!

50) Waco offers many beautiful sights on their trails system

Whether you’re looking for a challenging ride or just one that’s pleasant and scenic, you’ll find the perfect trail in Waco.

Some of these trails pass through beautiful parks and gardens!

The Lone Star State has a lot to offer cyclists.

From coastlines to urban areas and even rural landscapes, texas provides an array of cycling destinations for people who love outdoor activities.

With these 50 facts about bike-friendly cities in Texas, you’re sure to find your next destination! For more information on local biking trails or how the League of American Bicyclists can help create a successful marketing plan that drives sales by considering how customers think, contact our team today.

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